Now streaming! - Nothing ever feels the same.

Released on 04 May 2023, ‘Nothing ever feels the same’ is the latest chapter of DubbulDee’s continued journey of discovery in the world of music production. Honing his skills of sound design and sculpting audio landscapes using various synths and custom samples, the audioscape of this latest track was largely built from the ground up. 

Having attended several Loopsessions beat-maker jams in Vancouver over recent months, his love for sampling continues to grow. Capturing the sonic experience around him, including that of an excessively screaming child sitting in the seat behind him on a flight from Vancouver to Toronto, and a wood sander being operated on the sidewalk below his studio window, DubbulDee used the sounds of otherwise irritating moments by manipulating them in various samplers, giving them a new, more positive life.

While programming the synths that provide the formative character of this track, a faster-than-normal tempo spoke to DubbulDee. Landing at 130pm, it has a distinctly unique character from the rest of his published works, which generally sit nowhere beyond 124bpm .

Also unique to this track from his other published works is the inclusion of vocals. While wanting to stick in the realm of electronic and dance music, he desired to give this track more humanity with the inclusion of his own voice, but without going too far; they are tempered with an appropriate electronic blend using vocoder synths. The lyrics themselves are to be interpreted by the listener. As is music itself, the meaning of these words is being kept intentionally subjective.


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